Monday, September 12, 2011


During tours, we have stayed in a lot of different hotels. Some are good, some are bad. Highlights include the love heart shaped water beds in the sex hotels at the Tour of Korea and the romantic atmosphere of sharing a room with a team mate in the hotels in the wine region of Germany.  But nothing could prepare me for the hotel at the 3rd stage of the Tour of China. 

I'm a man that likes my privacy. I prefer to use the bathroom in my own home or when no one else is around rather than getting 'intimate' in strange surrounds. So I was a little worried when we discovered that our bathroom had a window... that looked straight out into the bedroom.!

The last thing I want to do is look at Deon while he is watching television as I am sitting on the toilet. It is extremely uncomfortable. Neither do I want to see Deon's de-clenching face when I'm watching television. 

During meals, we would go down to eat and then race to be the first one back to the room. That way, you could get a little bit of private time before the other person gets back and stares at you through the window. 

Thankfully, we only generally spend one night in each hotel before packing up and moving on to the next stage. Hopefully, tomorrow's hotel won't have a bathroom peephole. 

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