Saturday, September 17, 2011

Big questions

Before traveling to Asia, I thought about the big questions like, do Chinese people have tattoos of English words, is sweet and sour pork a real Chinese dish, and do Chinese supermarkets have a section dedicated to western foods?

In my time in china, I am yet to see anyone with a English word for a tattoo. Whilst Australians walk around with Chinese symbols saying 'wisdom' or 'peace', it seems that it doesn't happen the other way around.

I have had sweet and sour pork once in China. Despite the number of restaurants that I have been to, the dish is not as common as we make it out to be and it doesn't taste the same either.

As for the last question, last night I found the equivalent of the 'Asian foods' section in a Chinese supermarket. It had breakfast cereal, chocolate, pasta, coffee, peanut butter and a number of other western foods. The name of section was simply, 'Come from Europe'.

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