Monday, September 5, 2011

Dr Helmut Ng

For the last few weeks we have been traveling around for various reasons but for the whole time we have had to share a hotel room with one or two others. Being in such close quarters with another person means you tend to share a lot of things and unfortunately, one of these things is sickness. 

A couple of weeks ago, Deon got sick and then passed it onto me. I then passed it onto our team mate, Steven who then shared it with a couple of the visiting Hong Kong riders.  

With the Tour of China race fast approaching, and the flu still lingering, Deon and I decided to make a visit to the doctor in Hong Kong. We went to the family doctor of one of the Champion System representatives (Dr Helmut Ng) and it is by far the weirdest doctor consultation I have ever had. 

After filling out the paperwork, we all went into the doctor's consultation room where he looked us over one by one an asked us questions. The nurse then gave us some medication that looked like something that a person would try to hand you in a dodgey nightclub and he told us what to do. We then started a conversation about his diecast model car collection that he had in his office and he showed us pictures of his 15 year old Porsche that he owned, his previous two Porsche convertibles and his yacht. Dr Ng then invited us to check out his model car collection while he dealt with the next patient. 

We then went outside to pay the bill (around AUD25) and collect the free stickers that the doctor wanted us to have. Just as we were ready to leave, Dr Ng invited us back into his office and gave us a free box of moon cakes and packets of chocolate and vanilla nutrition drinks. We then had our photo taken with him and he asked us to drop by next time we were in Hong Kong. 

Best doctor's visit ever. 

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