Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pimp my ride

Here is Asia, for most people, having a car is a luxury and pretty much not a necessity. With several modes of public transport and trains that come literally every 2 mins, it is easy to get around. 

A lot of people choose the bicycle to get from A to B, so there are an amazing amount of different types of folding bikes and smaller bikes that are able to go on the trains. 

In order to personalize their ride, a lot of people will add features like glowing neon rim lights, rainbow colored bits and pieces and in some circumstances, even a stereo! You can ride up behind someone on the bike path and music will be coming from their bike. Yesterday we found a good example of a bike tricked out with a stereo...

Not only was there a car battery and two big kenwood speakers... There was a 3600 watt amplifier strapped to the back for extra bass!!! 

I wonder if he had iPod connectivity??

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