Monday, September 12, 2011


Breakfast in Asia is very different. There is very little cereal and you are hard pressed to find sandwich bread let alone a toaster to put it into. Here at the tour of China, breakfast has been what I like to call 'brinner'.

Instead of the usual hot dishes like bacon and eggs, you get dishes that I would typically eat for dinner such as stirfry, lamb chops, spicy cabbage, rice and fish soup.

There are some breakfast foods that I am used to such as hash browns and fruit but my favorite is the watery-rice like porridge that is somehow translated in English to...

There is nothing quite like a good hearty bowl of gruel for brinner.

Despite the vast variety of food, each morning lacks one key ingredient to starting the day... coffee!!! Teams, including us, have resorted to bringing their own instant coffee to breakfast.

The distinct lack of caffeine has resulted in me getting caffeine withdrawals. After 3 days, I'm pretty sure I have a brain tumor because I have an epic headache that only an espresso can cure. We have even resorted to getting into a taxi and showing a picture of the Starbucks logo with our phones. All to no avail.

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