Monday, September 5, 2011

Global warming

Even in summer, Munich was cold. In the middle of spring, I rode a couple of mornings at zero degrees and I'm pretty sure I froze when it rained. There was a couple of warm days but it was a dry warm and when you step into the shade you can just about put a jumper on. 

This morning we went for our first ride in Hong Kong and I think I have heat stroke. It was about 400 degrees and around 1000% humidity. Stopping at traffic lights meant that sweat literally dripped off and your sunglasses fogged up. 

It was so hot that we did the unthinkable. We went back to our old triathlon days and rode around in bike knicks only. (I can't believe I used to do training sessions on the bike in speedos)

It was only slightly cooler but drew a lot more attention from those passing by. The downside is that there are no pockets to put your things in.

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