Friday, September 23, 2011

Big day out

After completing the Tour of China, we were keen to have sone rest and recreation so Simon suggested that we take a trip to the theme park, 'Ocean Park' in Hong Kong. Deon and I thought it would be great to hit some water slides and go for a swim akin to Wet n Wild back home. 

So this morning we packed our towels and sunscreen and set out in boardies and thongs to meet Simon. On our arrival, we discovered that 'Ocean Park' is only a name and the theme park had absolutely no swimming. It was more like Seaworld with more rides rather than a water park. The name was quite misleading. As a result, Deon and I were in fir a long uncomfortable day. 

Ocean Park had a huge amount of things to do. Rides, exhibits, aquariums and animal enclosures, games and restaurants. To accommodate all of these activities, the theme park took up a huge amount of land. So much land that a cable car connected the two major sections of the park. 

This would not have caused us any problems except for the fact that Ocean Park is totally on the side of a mountain!!! There was no flat section and after 7hrs of walking, our legs were trashed. The distinct lack of support that thongs provide proved to be harsh on our feet as we searched fir more activities that involved sitting. 

Despite this, it was a fantastic day. Highlights include seeing a real panda, sloth and toucan, riding the Abyss tower ride, the jelly fish show, and getting very nauseous after riding the 'Flash' and 'Space Wheel'.   

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