Thursday, September 15, 2011


With almost 20% of the world's population located in China (1.34Billion people), there is no shortage of manpower. From what I have seen here at the Tour of China, it seems that the saying 'many hands make light work' is extremely appropriate.

Stage 1 consisted of a 180km race in a dead straight line along one of China's national highways. For the entire 180km, the highway was closed to traffic with police standing at every intersection and driveway. Also extending the entire 180km was witches hats separating the media vehicles from the race. These witches hats were not spread out but were positioned 5m apart. Over 180km, thats about 36000 witches hats!!! How do they even organise that??? Who has to pick them all up??? Do they walk along side a truck for 180km to collect them all???

In the hotel restaurants, the number of staff is insane. In one hotel, when you first arrive, you are guided to the restaurant by a line of human witches hats that each welcome you and direct you to the entrance. At the entrance, there are four people to collect your meal ticket and guide you in. Inside the kitchen, there are about ten chefs, all cooking frantically as about 15-20 waitresses come to collect the food and fill the buffet as it empties. Afterwards, you make your way back to the elevator were four more staff are waiting to push the button for you then once inside the elevator, there is another staff member to press your floor button.

With so much man power it is no surprise that so many things are made in China. Whilst we strive for efficiency and achieve goals with as few people as possible, China uses sheer quantity to get things done.

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