Thursday, October 6, 2011

Internal battle

After a few days of getting up early to train I was beginning to feel the effects and was struggling to rise with the alarm each morning. Despite this, I was determined to take advantage of a day off work and get some hours in the saddle. Then my alarm went off...

For a few hours during the night it had been raining which also meant that the temperature had dropped. This is the worst possible conditions for getting out of bed early to train. 

Several things went through my mind as I had an internal battle with myself about getting up...

The roads are wet and I will have to clean my bike afterwards but I have to get up to train. 
It's so warm and cosy in bed but I have plenty of cycling kit to keep me warm while riding. I just have to get up. 
It's wet out and I'm certain no one else is going to show up for the ride but I told people I would meet them and they could be there. 
I have the day off so I could just sleep in and ride later but I have other stuff I need to do later. 
I have a race coming up so I need to train but it's been a long time since I had breakfast with my wife. 
If I wait and ride later the roads will dry up and I won't have to clean my bike but the sky looks pretty grey and it could rain even heavier later. 
I've been getting up early for so many days and I need to get some rest but I have a race this weekend and I need to train. 
I'll ride further tomorrow to make up for the km's that I missed today but I shouldn't try to make up for missed sessions. 

With all of these reasons flying around in my head, I pressed snooze so that I had time to comprehend them all. After careful consideration, my alarm went off again...

I turned it off, rolled over and went back to sleep. Battle lost. 

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