Thursday, October 6, 2011

Guilt trip

During dinner last night, my wife gave me some advice. Well, she didn't call it advice but that's how I took it.

She said that she had 'stumbled' across a blog during the day that was written by another cyclist. In his most recent post, he wrote about the things he attributed his success to... Hard work, training, early wake-ups, coaches etc etc etc. But despite all of these things, none of them were the major reason that he had made it so far. In fact, the one thing that he had thanked the most for contributing to his success was his wife.

WHY? Well, his wife had to endure years of early rises, missing out on breakfast with him. Lonely weekends while her husband was out training and $$$ being spent on cycling equipment instead of on other more important things. Weeks home alone while he travelled for races and numerous other selfless sacrifices she endured.

I googled to try to find this blog. I found nothing. Did I just not type in the right words to search for or is my wife trying to point something out to me??? Maybe I should dedicate a blog post to her. If only I could find this other blog for plagiarism... I mean inspiration.

In all seriousness, I can understand exactly what this guy is saying. I know that my wife has had put up with my crap for a long time and doesn't complain about it (much). I feel guilty when I go away for races. Not because she is at home by herself, but because I am fortunate enough to see things that I know she would kill to see. In fact, when I call her or get home and tell her about my trip, I often leave out a lot of details so that she doesn't feel bad about missing out on things. Or is it so I don't feel bad???

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