Friday, October 21, 2011

Good meat

What happens to all the good meat in china?

At every hotel I have stayed at, I have seen a plethora of meat dishes made with everything from swan to eel. Pork and duck seem to be the most common dishes but despite this, I have not seen a single steak, breast or chicken drumstick.

Every dish is made from the bits that we would generally not use in Australia. Take away the chicken breasts and drumsticks, then slice up what's left over and thats what gets used. Even the pork skewers use the bits that are impossible to chew due to the gristle and small bones in it.

But where do all the good bits go? Are they reserved only for the rich and famous? Are the hotels just operating on such a tight budget that they can't give us the good meat? Do the cows here not have a rump? Do chickens not have breasts?

I'd kill for a zinger right now...

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