Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rule of three

It is a common law of nature that accidents happen in threes. Many television sitcoms have taught me this. So since my crash at a race in India a few months ago, I have been expecting more. My second was at the tour of Korea, at which a scuffle with a guard rail took me out of the race. This took some skin off my leg and has left a nice love-heart shaped scar on my hip. But this meant that there was one more accident left.

I was hoping it would be something small, like falling over at the traffic lights because I forget to unclip or slipping whilst trying to clip in. This way, the only thing that gets injured is my dignity; assuming others would be around to witness it. Or maybe even a totally non-cycling related accident. Like hitting my head on a cupboard door, or taking a football to the groin in a comical scenario. At least the pain would only be temporary. But alas, today I had number three.

On my return trip from a ride, we were cruising along a nice long stretch of road when a car decided to pull out in front of us. I could not stop in time and hit the ground. The driver did stop and fortunately he did speak English. He apologized profusely and said he simply did not see us. I came away relatively unscathed barring some more holes in my knicks and nice red mark. The worst of it is, after my crash in Korea and getting used to sleeping on my left hand side, I need to swap to the right to let this one heal! On the bright side, the rule of three is out of the way and I can finally expect some accident free cycling!

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