Saturday, May 14, 2011

Black Friday

I'm not a superstitious person. Heck, I'd walk backwards under a ladder inside with an open umbrella whilst kicking a black cat. So, for me, Friday the 13th was just like any other day and just like any other day, we went for a ride.

We didn't have the greatest day though. After only 3km, Ben got a puncture. The first puncture we have had since... well since as long as we've been here.

Then, a further 10km down the road on a back street in the middle of no where with a 30kph speed limit and no traffic, a police officer flagged us down and gave us a €15 fine each for not riding on the adjacent bike path.

If you ever find yourself riding a bike in Munchen, here is a tip: OBEY THE BLUE SIGNS! If they are not blue, don't worry about it, but if you see anything like the sign below, you must ride on the path. Ooorrr.... You could just go by the old saying... Its only illegal if you get caught. In fact, the police officer agreed that it was a stupid rule but also said, ''s the law'.

50km later and we find ourselves lost and eventually do an extra 15km loop to end up back exactly where we started.

Another 30km later and we find ourselves on the wrong side of a huge lake which adds a further 15km or so onto our trip. And just to top it off, we had a head wind the entire way home.

Great day out.

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