Monday, February 28, 2011

Things to do...

With my time in australia and hence brisbane, coming to an end, there are a few things that I want to do before I no longer have the opportunity to do so. So I made a list.

1. Go to the beach... After looking at the weather for Switzerland (and given it's location) I doubt I will be able to get to a sunny beach for some time.

2. Visit some of my preferred restaurants in Brisbane... Some of these were unfortunately closed due to flood damage, however, my list includes Avanti in Bardon, Villa Maria in Coorparoo and my favorite local, Renu Thai in Toowong.

3. Do some of my favorite rides... Mt tambourine. Mt nebo. Mt Cotton/Ford Rd. And Mt Crosby. Unfortunately, I attempted Mt Crosby last week and was cut off by some flood water being released from upstream.

4. This goes against everything I believe in but; go on the Brisbane eye... It's cheesy and touristy, so why not. This will be shuffled to the back of the list though.

5. Check out some of the smaller places and restaurants in the city... Thanks to my new dependence on public transport this has not been difficult as it is the easiest place to get to and it is amazing how many nooks there are to explore in the city.

6. Go to the movies... Not only because I have some unused vouchers but because I will not get the opportunity to watch English speaking movies in a cinema for a while.

7. Go to Wet n Wild water park... I had never been there but I did recently and it turned out to be good fun despite the epic queues. (and the sun burn)

8. Buy an Aussie team shirt or something else Aussie to take overseas... For obvious reasons. Or I could do what a large portion of the population does and get the ever classy southern cross tattoo... or NOT.

9. Catch up with a huge list of people before I go... I have several rainchecks with people that I need to redeem.

10. PACK!.. I need to condense my possessions down to 3 bags and 30kg. I am currently about 5kg overweight which will equate to about $1000000 in excess baggage fees.

I doubt everything will get done, mainly because I am so lazy, but I will do my best. Sorry if I don't get to catch up with you before I go!!!

If anyone has any other suggestions for things that I should do before I go, please let me know!!!

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