Saturday, February 19, 2011


My wife left me today. Not in a 'I've had enough and I'm leaving you!' way, but in a planned 'I'll meet you in Europe' kind of way.

After weeks of planning, I don't think my wife (or myself for that matter) ever really thought this day would come. The initial decision to move to Europe for the year. Deciding to go to Germany. Booking the tickets and organising a visa. Selling everything we own in our garage sale. Packing up what we had left and moving out. Cancelling cards and memberships and changing our mailing address. All of this was just a precursor for this big day. But she still wasn't ready.

All morning her phone has been ringing with family and loved ones wanting to wish her good luck. Each phone call just making her more upset about leaving and at the same time, making it all a bit more real. Thankfully, two friends of ours are joining her on this adventure, (Thanks Beck and Ben!!) meaning my wife doesn't have to go through anything alone. When you are stuck in a place where no one speaks your language it is always a lot easier when you have someone you kbnow with you. That way, if you get lost, miss a flight, catch the wrong train or don't know how to ask for directions, at least you can suffer together.

While my wife sets off on her trip, I have had a taste of my own medicine. Now I know what she feels like every time I travel somewhere and leave her behind. Sure, I've got all the time in the world now to train and do whatever I want. BUT... I am already bored. I just finished eating baked beans on toast for dinner and am about to sit down to season 2 of Modern Family after completing the entire first season!! I feel like I am back at university again, when I lived on 2 minute noodles and beer. I had no problem watching tv until 3am and waking up for lunch.

But this is no holiday. It will be about six weeks until I see my wife again and I hope she has as much fun as I do while travelling! Until then, I wonder if my Mum will help me with my cleaning???

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  1. An exciting day for the both of you as the new adventures begin, trust me it's not as bad or as scary as it seems but you do have to keep a sense of humour when wrangling a foreign language. Hopefully I'll get to see you over here and exchange tales! Good luck and Bon Voyage