Friday, February 4, 2011


I have no claim to fame. I didn't invent the post-it, I'm not in the Guiness Book of Records and I have never slept with Shane Warne. The fact is, I'm just some guy from Australia on a bike. No one would recognize me from a bar of soap.

For some other guys that I have met recently, it's a different story. In the team we have an Estonian national champion, the current and former hong kong national champion, a yellow jersey wearer at the tour de France, Tour de France stage winner and the gold medalist in BMX from Asian Games. Luckily, I haven't made an idiot of myself by saying something stupid to them before finding out.

The other night we met up with another team for dinner. There was a Malaysian national champion and the first Japanese rider to complete the Tour de France.

This all made me feel a little insignificant in comparison. If only there was an award for the longest skid in my driveway, or even a jersey for the last person to leave the coffee shop after a training ride. I'd be awesome if there was.

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