Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Choose your own chicken

Remember when McDonalds had a promotion that said if you didn't get your meal in 60 seconds it would be free? Remember how because of this, they kept several burgers on standby which meant your meal may have been sitting there for an hour before you got it?

Well how times have changed. Everything now is about 'fresh food'. From Woolworths the fresh food people, to that freshly made sandwich at Subway, we all want a meal that is made in front of us with fresh ingredients.

In Asia, 'freshly made' is taken to a whole new level. In Hong Kong, at seafood restaurants everywhere, you can choose the fish or crab you want to eat from a tank and they will take it out back and cook it up for you. 'This isn't new', you may think and yes, we have this option in Australia.

But can you choose your own goat or chicken?

After wondering down some street markets in India, I found some stalls that served BBQ goat and chicken. Next to the goat stall was a table at which a man yielding a large knife cut huge chucks of goat into smaller BBQ size portions. The meat lay on the table ready for you to choose the piece you want.

Better still, the chicken stall had cages filled with unknowing chickens, that you could select, watch get slaughtered and BBQ on the grill that sat centimeters above their heads. I wonder if they knew what was going on?

This may make your stomach churn, but the worst is yet to come. Beside the stall, you could see the pools of blood where the animals met their doom, the pavement stained from years of repeated killings.

These stalls, although gruesome, coupled with the fresh fruit and vegetable stalls next door, made for a 'fresh food' treat. Fresher than any Woolworths back in Australia, that's for sure. For some reason though, I didn't feel like eating anything???

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