Thursday, November 10, 2011

Welcome back

After over 18 years, my mum has finally decided to go back to the Philippines to visit her family for only the 2nd time since she left. So after being back home in Australia for only two days, I had to pack my bags again and head to the airport.

If you know my mum, then you would know that it is a good thing that I'm going with her. She struggles to order a happy meal at McDonald's without getting confused and flustered so navigating her way around an international airport would be a nightmare. I'm pretty sure that if I wasn't here she would still be in the Singapore airport trying to get to terminal 2.

After a million questions (literally) about what she can and can't take in her carry on luggage, we finally made it to the airport and checked in. At the security gate, mum was confused about exactly what to do as she did not realize she had to put her handbag through the X-ray machine. Everything she had read or been told recommended never losing sight of your valuables and now she had to had them over!?

As we got closer to our destination, mum was clearly getting excited, talking to those around her (and almost anyone that would listen which I'm pretty sure is a philippino custom) about how she was visiting her family and it has been so long since she had been back. Stress then set in as her luggage was almost the last to come out onto the conveyor belt.

I don't remember much of my last trip to the Philippines because i was only 12 but one thing sticks in my mind. As soon as they saw each other, mum and her family burst into tears. This time, it has been even longer since they saw each other but with new things like Skype, staying in contact has been easier. Despite this, the same thing happened. I tried to get it on camera but had little success.

We arrived in her home town after a short drive and mum had finally calmed down. We went inside where her father was waiting and it happened all over again!

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