Thursday, November 10, 2011

Arch nemesis

Do you have an arch nemesis? I now do. When I first left Australia way back at the start of the year, I had a lot of stuff. I thought I was in the clear as I headed toward the departure gates where a security guard decided that he would weigh my carry on luggage. Consequently, I had to throw away 6kg of stuff.

Over the last 8 months, I have not once, ever had to weigh my carry on luggage. No one cares unless you are trying to bring a huge suitcase on board as carry on. Only in Australia.

So this time, when I left Brisbane for the Philippines, I didn't jam in the normal 18kg that I can fit in my carry on suit case. Instead, I had just 10kg, only 3kg over the limit. Surely, that would be okay.

I walked up to the departure gate and the same security guard as last time was there and just like last time, he weighed my bag. He saw the 10kg and told me it was too much.

I said, 'I've got jeans and a jacket and other things that I can put on in there. Are you really going to make me do it? It's only 3kg. Its not like my bag is going to get any smaller.'

He said, 'It's the rules. What if every passenger brought an extra 3kg?'

So I said, 'What if I was 30kg fatter?' He was not impressed.

I moved some luggage around and put some in my mum's carry on. After he let us through, I put everything back into my carry on and made sure he saw me do it.

Geez, I hate that guy.

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