Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy birthday

I turn 30 this week. I'm pretty sure that makes me officially old and also means I can have a mid-life crisis. I was thinking sports car, motorbike or just packing up everything and heading overseas for a year. Wait... I had my mid-life crisis a year early!

So I'm going to have to have a quiet one. So quiet in fact, that I won't even be on Earth for my 30th. I will be in a plane, on my way to the Philippines, with my Mum. That's right, I spending my big 3-0 in an airplane with my mother.

After almost 18 years since her last visit, my Mum has finally decided to go back to the Philippines to visit her family. I'm coming along because (sorry Mum but...) she would get eaten alive. The last time my mum went overseas, it was common to carry your travelers cheques in your fanny pack or money belt and the Internet was a new fancy thing that people used on their Windows 3.1 computers. She even went and purchased a new fanny pack in anticipation!!

In light of celebrating my milestone birthday with her, my Mum has organized a party of sorts in her village. Apparently, there will be a pig on the spit and everyone is invited. I'm looking forward to this and will be sure to take plenty of photos.

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  1. Happy Birthday, mate!
    Great to find your blog and read about your cycling life... followed by coffee!
    Alberto and Sandra