Saturday, November 5, 2011

Police the police

During races, the commissaries have the final say in all matters. They hold all the power and they know it.

They decide who is the winner, who can get disqualified for drafting behind a car and even who to to a blind eye to when drafting behind a car.

Here at the Tour of Taihu Lake they have been handing out fines left, right and centre. Fines for drafting, changing wheels on the wrong side of the road, urinating in public, taking water bottles in the wrong place etc etc. Several riders have even been disqualified for drafting off cars, cheating and even one guy for assaulting another rider!

But who punishes the commissaries when they do something wrong? Believe me, it happens all the time. On stage three, the commissaire stopped his car in the middle of the road in the final sprint. The result is below...

Thankfully, no one crashed! And now, on the final day, the commissaries have signed off on incorrect results, costing riders over $1000 in prize money. They left early and consequently, the results cannot be amended! Who polices the police??

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