Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I'm tired. Very tired. Ever since leaving for the Tour de France over two weeks ago, my life has been one big car trip. Here is a breakdown of the last 15 days.

Day 1. 10hrs drive from Munchen, Germany to accommodation in Avrieux, France. 2hr ride in hills.
Day 2. 3hrs drive from Avrieux, France to Briancon, France to watch tour stage then onto accommodation in Italy. 4.5hr ride through Alps. 
Day 3. 8hrs drive from Italy to Alpe d'Huez, France to watch tour stage then onto accommodation outside of Grenoble, France. 3.5hr ride in alps. 
Day 4. 3hrs drive from the accommodation down to Grenoble and return. 
Day 5. 10hrs drive from Grenoble, France to home in Munchen, Germany. 1hr ride. 
Day 6. Home for a day!. 3hr ride.
Day 7. 4hrs drive from Munchen, Germany to Bad Ischl, Austria to race criterium.
Day 8. 4hrs drive to Innenstadt, Austria to race a criterium then onto accommodation in Purgstall Austria. 
Day 9. Day off! 3hr ride.
Day 10. Race criterium.
Day 11. 8hrs drive from Purgstall, Austria to Bochum, Germany. 2hr ride.
Day 12. 180km road race then 2hrs drive to accommodation in Dessel, Belgium.
Day 13. 6hrs tourist drive to Brugge, Belgium. 3hr ride.
Day 14. 7hrs drive from Dessel, Belgium to Correze, France. 1hr ride. 
Day 15. 180km road Race and 1hr transfer in car.
Day 16. 180km road Race. 6hrs drive from to accommodation in Dagmersellen, Switzerland.

Unfortunately, this is not the end of my trip. After a 24hr road race this weekend, it's then another long drive to Italy for a training camp in the mountains!!!

I can't wait to get back to a normal life!

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  1. couldn't quite do the qholw tour de france thouhg I see? what's on this 'driving' crap? - Kami