Saturday, August 27, 2011


After a couple of hours of exercise, you get pretty hungry. So yesterday, after riding for almost 7hrs and covering 190km, I could have eaten a horse and chased down the jockey. During times like these, there are four little words that every cyclist loves to hear...

Perfectly positioned across the road from the hotel was a sushi train or 'running sushi' as they are called in Europe. We checked out the menu, and there they were, those magic words, 'All you can eat'.

Four of us sat down at a table together as they waitress came over to take our order. Before she even made it to us, I had devoured 4 plates. They had no idea what they were in for. 

10mins later and the table was covered with plates so to make room, we began to stack them up. As the stack grew higher and higher, a waiter came to take some away. We signaled to him to leave the plates and asked how many we had to eat to set a record. He said something in German and left us so we continued to churn through the sushi. 

72plates and 8bowls later and we hit the wall. Our brains had caught up to our stomachs and couldn't take anymore. But our stack of plates was magnificent. So magnificent in fact, that other customers in the restaurant were watching and taking photos. I'm pretty sure it was some sort of world record but we will never know.

Afterwards, I felt a little bad for the restaurant owners. All you can eat restaurants should really have a 'no cyclists' policy. The people that truly suffered were those sitting downstream from us on the sushi train. For almost 30mins, we were like a sushi dam, not a single plate could get through. They would have had to wait a long time for sushi to make its way through to them. 

Afterwards, we dragged ourselves back across the road to the hotel and fell into a deep food coma. 

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