Friday, August 12, 2011

Euro spreads

Australia has a boring selection of breakfast condiments. I mean really, Vegemite?! It's no surprise that anyone that eats Vegemite for the first time thinks it is the worst thing that they have ever eaten. You must be force fed Vegemite from a young age before you appreciate it, like most Australian children.

Other than Vegemite, what do we have? Peanut Butter, Jam, Vegemite wanabees like Marmite and Promite. Not much variety, really. Not here in Europe!...

They have the standard jams and peanut butter but they have crazy flavours like cherry, cranberry and rhubarb. There are jars of nutella the size of your head and about a hundred other spreads where chocolate is the main ingredient.

Whilst in Belgium, I experienced some very interesting 'breakfast' spreads. The first was called 'Speculoos' and is basically butterscotch biscuits crushed into butter. I could pretty much eat it straight from the jar.

The second was called 'Choco Paschka' and is pretty much a chocolate cheesecake spread. Again, get a spoon and eat it from the jar. It makes for a far more interesting breakfast and is tastes a lot better on a croissant than vegemite!

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