Thursday, March 31, 2011


6 weeks ago my wife left for Germany. By herself. I had a couple of races to do in Asia before I could could so she was left to fend for herself. Well, not exactly. A couple of our close friends were joining us on our overseas adventure so she did have some company but it is the longest period of time that we have been apart.

In Australia, whenever we had to relocate, I'll admit, I was not the greatest help. I would always be reluctant to go and look at places and just leave everything to the last second while Emily was out there working hard to find us somewhere to live. In fact, Emily quite often had to trick me into house hunting by telling me we were going to get something to eat, only to pull up outside a property inspection. 

So, now I left her with the same responsibilities in Germany and after 6 weeks, she found a unit in the centre of Munich. I was not expected to arrive for another two weeks due to a race so Emily was impressed that I managed to miss the entire relocation process. 

However, she did not know that the race was cancelled and I would be arriving two weeks early. I had to keep it a secret for 5 days and continue to pretend that I was on my way to somewhere in asia. I had grand plans to surprise her: Leave a jar of vegemite at her door. Follow her to a shop or cafe and just tap her on the shoulder or just pick her up after work... But all my plans went out the window when I arrived as I was a little too excited and just knocked on her door. 

As she opened the door, I said with a stupid grin on my face, 'Guten tag. Surprise!!'. Emily staggered backward with a look of shock on her face. I stood in the doorway for a few seconds with my arms in the air waiting for a response. 

Emily looked up at me, called me a name that I won't repeat and then punched me in the chest! After she finally realized what was happening she gave me a hug. She looked at me and said. 'Good, you can help us move tomorrow. '

She claims to not remember doing this and says she was only checking to see if I was real. Either way, it was not the greeting that I was expecting!!

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  1. Oh Chris! Sounds lovely. Must have been great for you guys to see each other again. Where are you now? How's Europe?