Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Hammer.

As a cyclist, you very rarely use your upper body and consequently, your upper body strength and physical appearance slowly withers away. When riding a bike, this causes no problems and is in fact, a benefit. Many professonal cyclists look like they have been living in a P.O.W. camp; as demonstrated below by the attractive Mr Michael Rasmussen...

When not riding, a diminished upper body can be a bit of a pain. My wife often comments that she can carry more grocery bags than me and when at work, my inability to lift heavy boxes is a source of ridicule for my work mates. (Don't tell them, but I actually use it to my advantage to avoid lifting heavy objects and hard manual labour!) One work mate in particular gifted me the name of 'T-Rex' in light of the dinosaurs' small arms, yet huge legs. Over the past few weeks, 'T-Rex' has been slowly catching on with the others and I was afraid it was going to become permanent. Until today...

With a few spare minutes until we started, I challenged this particular workmate to an arm wrestle, to put this weak upper body myth to rest. To be honest, i did not expect to win and I highly doubt anyone else did either. But I did. At first, everyone thought it was a trick, that I somehow cheated. So we arm wrestled again. And I won again.

This has now become a big source of ridicule for my work mate. As a consequence, he can no longer call me 'T-Rex', but must now refer to me as 'THE HAMMER' whenever he addresses me. Sweet victory.

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