Monday, March 14, 2011

Australia Town

It sounds like the beginnings of a bad joke...
"There are two Russians, two Estonians, a German, an Austrian, a Swiss and an Australian sitting in a room drinking beer...."

But this was the situation after the final stage as we all unwound. It was weird to be the odd one out as I sat there and tried to make sense of what was being said. I threw in my two cents where I could when people spoke English but I doubt at times it had any relevance to the conversations that were actually going on.

It gave me a deeper understanding and appreciation for foreigners that come to Australia and why they have a tendancy to stick with fellow visitors from their country. There is comfort in knowing that those around you will understand what you say, your sense of humor and most importantly, that you can understand them.

In fact, I think I might start the global phenomenon of 'Australia Town' and set up Aussie equivalents of China Town around the world. You could go there and buy beer, vegemite and anzac biscuits over a game of cricket. You could eat at restaurants that have a BBQ and a swimming pool inside them. There could be kangaroo scultpures and southern cross's everywhere and you could ponder the mystical history of Ned Kelly and Crocodiel Dundee!!

But I doubt it will have the same historic and cultural appeal as a China Town.

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  1. There is a bar in Munich called Ned Kellys. Open from 1600 to 0200. So I've heard...