Sunday, March 6, 2011


After a long wait, I am finally heading over to Europe! But, on the way, I am stopping in Malaysia for a race. This meant that I had to pack everything I own into three bags and then carry it around for a week.

Most airlines usually only let you have 23kg of luggage. I am fortunate enough to fly with emirates who allow 30kg plus 7kg carry on and a laptop. This has not been a problem in the past as I have several tricks to make my bags appear lighter such as cramming everything into carry on. However, this time I had a little more luggage then I expected.

When I checked in, my bike and suitcase weighed in at 39kg. Sometimes, if you are lucky enough, they will just let it through but I think the entire company was having a bad day. How much extra would it coati to take these few extra kg's with me?? $70? Maybe $100?? Nope- an extra $30 per KG!!!! That is $270 for 9kg!!!

Instead, I chose to repack. I put on jeans over my shorts, two jumpers and filled my pockets. I put heavy items into my carry on and threw out non-essential clothing and an extra pair of shoes I had packed. I went back to check in and... Success!!!
So I repacked everything and went down to the security check. It was really not my day as the security guard decided to weigh my carry on bag and did not accept that my backpack was a laptop bag. All together, it came to14kg, meaning I had to get rid of about 5kg.

I put my jeans and jumpers back on (I was still sweating from the last time), stuffed my pockets and went back up to check in. Still 3kg over, I threw out a towel and another set of clothes (which I am pretty sure the guy took). He then told me, after throwing everything out, that I could only carry on one bag!!! I was pretty close to getting on my knees to beg before a nice lady came over and said 'You are lucky I'm so generous' and approved my bags.

I am now sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Malaysia. I just received my race pack which included two souvenir shirts and a hat. They are gonna go straight into the bin as I cannot fit another item in, no matter how light it is!!

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