Saturday, January 22, 2011

Return Trip...

Today I began my long journey home from Thailand. Due to my original stopover at Singapore on my way to Hong Kong, my return trip was going to be a long one. From Chiangmai, I had a 1.5hr flight to Bangkok where I arrived at middight and had an 8hr stopover. I had a hotel room booked so that I could get some shut eye and refresh. Unfortunately, thanks to a delayed flight and the need to check-in 2hrs before the flight, my time was very limited.

After checking in at 12.40am, I managed to get about 3hrs sleep before checking out at 4.30am and heading back to the airport. This made my total time in the hotel 3hrs50min; the least amount of time I have ever checked into a hotel. Normally, when you hear about paying for a hotel room by the hour, it is a very different type of hotel, but this was thankfully not one of those hotels.

On the bright side, the whole thing including transfers to and from the airport only cost USD$25!!! When you are travelling, you take any chance you can to freshen up so the small amount of time I had at the hotel was worthwhile.

I am currently sitting in the Singapore Termingal for another 4hrs before my final leg of the journey. I am pretty sure i have around 2hrs before I start to smell... time for a change of clothes. Can't wait to arrive in Brisbane at 1am!!!

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