Sunday, January 23, 2011

Death of the fanny pack.

When you plan a long journey, especially a trip overseas, for some strange reason (now be honest with yourself here), you contemplate the need to get a fanny pack. You ponder its convenience, the added security of your valuables being right there at your fingertips. Then you realise, fanny packs or bum bags, are just plain ugly and out of fashion.

Sure, in the mid-90's you would have been cool and placed your fanny pack along side your mobile phone belt holder (if you were fortunate enough to have a mobile phone back then) but not anymore. The only people I see with a fanny pack are those older, more seasoned travellers and even their fanny packs are starting to look a little old and worn.

Some still cling on to the hope that fanny packs will one day be cool again and wear it over their shoulder in an attempt to make it look like their fanny pack is, in fact, not a fanny pack. But their is no disguise. Every now and then, a young traveller will pass me with a fanny pack on and I can only think two things... Their parents made them get one because they used one when they travelled and they probably have a money belt strapped to them as well.

Fanny packs can be convenient. You can put your phone, passport and wallet in it but hey, a pocket will do the same thing. Fanny packs are a thing of the past, let it die. They should stay where they belong; with carnies and ticket inspectors.


  1. Fanny Packs look ugly. But Money Belts (there are money belts you can wear underneath your clothes) are a very handy thing.
    Sure, you can put all your money and your passport etc. in your pockets... but ever heard of pickpockets? Yeah, that's why I put my valuables in a money belt when I'm traveling.

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