Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Triathlete vs Cyclist

With a few days off work this week, the Wife and I went up the coast to have a couple of days in the sun. We arrived in the aftermath of the Noosa triathlon and there were still many people hanging around, clinging on to the weekend that was.

I managed to convince Emily to bring her road bike with her and even more surprising was the fact that I got her to go for a ride with me! We cruised up along the coast from Coolum to Noosa and along the way we past a constant stream of cyclists.

As we rode, Emily made a wild statement: 'I think triathletes are a lot friendlier than cyclists.' I asked her to please explain.

Emily claimed that whenever we rode past a triathlete, they would smile and wave but cyclists wouldn't even look at us. I said she was crazy but decided to put it to the test anyway.

Emily was right. More often than not, those riding a triathlon bike with deep dish wheels, ankle socks and tri-bars would smile and wave. Whilst those that were on a plain road bike would look straight ahead and not even flinch.

Is this phenomenon true? Are cyclists really assholes when compared with triathletes? There must be an explanation.

Perhaps it is because it is easier for triathletes to wave when resting on the aerobars than for cyclists to take their hands off their bars?

Perhaps it's because triathletes get do lonely riding by themselves so much that they will wave at anyone?

Perhaps it's because cyclists are competitive and don't want to acknowledge their competition out on the road?

Perhaps it's because triathletes don't compete and do mass participation events so they are friendly with everyone around them?

Perhaps it's because triathletes don't ride hard enough and are want to start a conversation with someone?

I'm sure there is an explanation.

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