Monday, November 26, 2012

Becomming a man...

I have always wanted to get a tattoo. In fact, it has been on my list of things to do for the last few years. Despite this, some things keep getting in the way and prevent me from putting my money where my mouth is. Firstly, my friends keep getting one. This means that I have to put my tattoo off, as I would only appear to be copying them and don’t want to look like I am just doing it to be the same. Secondly, I can never think of what to get.

I don’t want to just choose one out of a catalogue like an 18 year old girl celebrating schoolies at Valley Ink. Nor do I want to be a person that chooses something then tries to come up with some obscure significance or meaning. Also, I don’t want one that looks like crap either!

Last weekend on my birthday, I made a passing comment about wanting to get a tattoo to a friend of mine. He said that he was thinking of getting one as well and within the hour, we were at the tattoo parlor to book a consultation. We were told to return with any ideas or suggestions that we had and print some stuff out if we could.

For the next 4 hours, we researched tattoo designs to find some inspiration. I had some ideas that I wanted to include. Firstly, I wanted to have something to do with a bike. Unfortunately, most bike tattoos that I have seen are either huge, lame or involve getting a chainring mark tattooed on your leg so I wasn’t expecting to find anything.

Secondly, I wanted to incorporate the sun from the Philippine flag to pay homage to the origin of my extreme tan lines. Thirdly, I wanted to incorporate a swallow, which can traditionally represent a partner for life (as swallows do) and always returning home.

I was not expecting to incorporate all three things into a design but I told Sam (the tattoo guy) my ideas and he said he will come up with a design. He took an outline of my shoulder for an idea of size and now  I’m currently waiting for the final design to be done.

I am booked in to become a man on the 22nd December and Sam has estimated that the size of the design will take up to 6hrs in the chair. He was a bit worried that I may not be able to handle that long in one sitting as I have never had it done before. We’ll see about that.

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