Friday, September 21, 2012

Circle of life

I didn't start riding a bike until I was at university. I was one of those guys that was walking home at 5am after a night out as others were heading out to exercise.

When I started riding, most of my uni friends watched in disbelief as shirts and pluggers were traded for Lycra and a helmet. They weren't interested in cycling and I wasn't going to try to convince them.

10 years on and things have changed. I recently discovered that one of my friends from uni commutes to work on his single speed so for the last few weeks we have been meeting after work for a bit if a social cruise around the city followed by some food and beverages. It's much more of a social outing than a ride.

Last night, I found out that another friend from the days of long nights out and hangovers also rides to work so we invited him along.

As we rode along the river trying to decide on where to stop to grab a drink he shouted out. 'If ten years ago, someone told me that we would be doing this today, I would have laughed in their face!'

There seems to be a period in everyone's life where riding a bike is uncool. Usually, it coincides with the discovery of chicks and beer. Ahhhh, life has gone full circle.

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