Tuesday, July 19, 2011

'Group' Ride

In my entire time here in Munich, I have not seen a single bunch ride or group training session. Every ride that I have done has been either solo or with my friend, Ben. We have pretty much exhausted every conversation topic that you can think of so a lot of the time, we rode in silence anyway. Tired of this 'honest riding', we decided that would find, at least, someone else to ride with.

On Sunday morning, we set out through the most common areas for cyclists to congregate, looking for a group to join yet, we found nothing. When I was almost ready to give up, we came across three other cyclists waiting on the side of the road. Being the more knowledgable one in the German language, Ben asked them if we could join them. We were welcomed and told it would be around 3-4hrs of riding. Finally, some company! I didn't care if we rode extremely slowly, I was just happy to have some company.

Little did I know that riding slowly was the least of my worries. One of the three riders seemed to be on a mission, riding the entire way at 100%. He accelerated up every hill, usually leaving behind a couple of others and then when he'd say we should slow down for them, it still took about 5km for them to catch up. The other two that were with him, began to get more and more irritated as the ride went on, complaining that the ride was much faster than usual and we were not riding as a group.

In the end, we arrived home about 30min quicker than we would have if we rode by ourselves but still did pretty much the whole ride solo, chasing down the crazy guy at the front!


  1. reminds me of a certain someone

  2. Chasing the crazy guy on the front.... Pot vs Kettle Chris.