Monday, July 18, 2011

Classy buskers

If you walk down the Queen Street Mall in Brisbane, there are many buskers performing for money. The competition to do this is so fierce, that each year the council holds auditions and only the top buskers get permission to perform. Despite this, there somehow still manages to be the kid with the Yo Yo Diablo and the token spray painted silver statue guy. Not exactly what I'd call rivetting entertainment.

Here in Munich, the buskers seem to have a little more class, and dare I say, talent. Yesterday, in the Queens St Mall equivalent, Marienplatz, there were several groups of buskers all playing classical music. There was even one opera singer. Not the typical buskers that I am used to seeing.

Although the level of performance is extremely high, I can't help but feel that the people who truely need to busk are missing out. How is the guy on his last $5 supposed to make money to get his plane ticket home? If someone can afford a $5000 chello or violin, they probably don't need to be busking.

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