Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Five in One

If you are in the right place in Australia or if you are prepared to drive for an extended period of time, you may be able to visit 3 or so States in one trip. This can be a big task as most states are larger than many overseas countries. 

Today, we left on our journey to watch the tour de France in the French Alps. To do this, we had to drive for around 9hrs but we also visited 5 different countries during the trip!

The trip began in Munchen, Germany, where we crammed our Audi rental car full of luggage and struggled to squeeze our bikes in. A trip to watch the tour de France would not be the same without riding some of the course so it was concluded that it was worth nursing a set of wheels for the entire journey. Driving across Germany, I took full advantage of the autobahn... 

The next country was a brief transition through Austria before moving into Switzerland. Here we entered the Alps and also some sort of price vortex as everything almost doubled in cost. 

From Switzerland we drove into Italy for lunch at the beautiful lake Como. Thankfully, the sun came out and we were able to enjoy the amazing surrounds. 

France was our final destination and after what seemed like $1000 in road tolls, we drove into what can only be described as absolutely amazing mountains. Huge snow capped peaks surrounded us with tiny picturesque Alpine villages and ruins of castles and forts dotted throughout. It made for some spectacular cycling scenery. 

The one downside to this amazing back drop is that when you do want to go for a ride, you have no choice but to go up. We rolled out of the drive way and in every direction we had to climb a mountain. 

Thankfully, what goes up also comes back down so we also enjoyed periods of speeds around 70-80kph without having to pedal!

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