Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Idle threats

Whilst riding around the states I got to see many things. One of these things happens to be pointless road signs. Not a sign that offers any real important information like distances, directions or names of places, but signs that give idle threats or blatantly obvious advice.

At almost every school there is a big, bright, blue and white sign reading ‘Drug-Free School Zone’. Apparently, the drug zone is on the other side of the school.

Another one of my favourites is the neighbourhood watch signs. There are a number of different styles but the message is the same; if someone sees you doing something wrong, they will rat you out to someone who will actually do something about it.

There were many other pointless signs to choose from but unfortunately, I didn’t always have my camera ready. There were many fake cut outs of children about to run out onto the road and I even saw a cut out of a police officer with a whistle and a hand in the air, all designed to get drivers to slow down. I can see what the signs are trying to achieve but can’t help but get the feeling that they are born from concerned citizens with too much time on their hands. It is like putting up signs that ask people to obey the law. Pretty obvious in the first place, isn’t it? 

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