Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Green or not

You either are or you are not. There is no sitting on the fence, otherwise you are just being hypocritical. You are eco friendly or you are not. You either like the Toyota Prius or you hate it.

Jeremy Clarkson has made his point of view clear several times on Top Gear and once apon a time I agreed with him. I was not a fan of the Prius but it has grown on me and I have come to like it. I recycle, I buy eco choice products, I limit my production of methane gas, heck, I ride a bike everywhere and I don't even own a car at the moment. But if I did, I would not say no to a Prius.

Why this change of heart? Well, here in the States, our team car has been a Toyota Prius and I have had the opportunity experience its 'power'. Not only has it been used to get us from A to B, but it is used as our follow vehicle in races. Most European teams use powerful European vehicles like an Audi, BMW or Volkswagon. But our team car stands out from the others. Not only because it is a Prius, but because it is a bright orange Prius with Champion System stickered all over it.

At the Philadelphia International, the love it or hate it attitude towards the Prius really stood out. The course was lined with thousands of enthusiastic fans who let there feelings be known as the Prius drove passed. One of two things could be heard... 'Go the Prius!!!' or... 'Prius' suck!!!' Either way, it sure got some attention.

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