Monday, June 20, 2011

Class of 2006

On our last night in the U.S., after the team took 1,2,4 & 5 in a race, we decided to celebrate and headed out for dinner. In the small town of Denville, New Jersey, there was not much to choose from so we went to a local bar and Mexican restaurant called 'The Rattlesnake Ranch'.
We sat inside the restaurant and ate our meals but we all sat in silence and stared out of the window. The reason; there was a 5 year school reunion outside in the court yard. Inside was quiet with families eating meals and outside was an open bar, loud music and a lot of people. 

After our meals, three of us decided to try our luck at getting into this school reunion. We loitered around the door for a while before taking our chances and walking straight in. We got a lot of looks as people tried to figure out who we were. I tried to explain that we were in Montville class of 2006 and was shocked that they didn't remember us. I even told people that I sat behind them in chemistry but unfortunately, a lot of people there didn't take chemistry. It was a bit hard trying to convince people that they had forgotten about the Australian, Hong Kong and German guys that they went to school with.

After a while of walking around talking to random people and taking advantage of the open bar, most people had realized that we didn't belong there but they didn't care. We managed to get random name tags to look a little more legit but soon the party began to wind down. 

We spoke to the people that remained and we soon discovered something. Most of the people that we had spoken to were just like us; they didn't actually attend the school and had snuck in to take advantage of the open bar. By the time the music stopped there was only 2 people left that were part of Montville High School class of 2006! Everyone had name tags on but like us, they were random names that didn't belong to them and had nothing to do with the school.

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