Sunday, April 24, 2011

Self control

After crashing out of the Tour of Korea on stage 3, I was left to help with daily jobs and the tedious task of transferring to a different hotel everyday. This meant a lot of sitting in a car and waiting for the riders to arrive at the finish line. Due to my bike and leg suffering so damage, it also meant that I could not ride for the remainder of the tour either.

When I don't get to ride, generally, I feel fat and lazy and get a little grumpy (my wife will confirm this). In fact, I'm a bit concerned about when I do stop riding because I'm sure my weight will blow out within a month. The problem with being unable to ride whilst following a tour is the food.

Every meal is an all you can eat buffet style with all the carbs you can imagine. Normally, riders stuff themselves with all the food they can so that they have enough fuel for the next stage. The most energy I will be expending over the next week is raising my arm to press the elevator button so during meals I have had to control myself. I have been eating a lot of salad and failing in every possible way to stay away from the dessert section. I just can't help myself.

So as my food baby enters the second trimester, I am looking forward to getting back to Germany, fixing my bike and burning off some of these extra calories.

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