Sunday, April 24, 2011

Can't go back.

When I am sitting at the gate waiting to catch a flight, I always wonder why some people get their names called out and have to go to the counter for a 'message'. Did they do something wrong? Are they on the wrong flight? Today, I found out why.

I was getting ready to board my flight to Dubai, when my name was called over the loud speaker. I went up to the counter and said my name was just called out for a message. 'You have receieved a free upgrade to business class, Sir.' Aaaahhhh, finally. I have heard people speak of this mythical free upgrade and have walked past business class several times but I have never had the privilege.

So what is different? Well, for starters you get to sit in your own booth with a chair that folds out completely flat so that you essentially have a bed and can go to sleep comfortably. Even when sitting upright I still had as much legroom as an emergency exit seat in economy. The hostesses wait on you hand and foot to bring drinks, magazines and nibblies. At meal time, they come and take your order from a far more extensive menu and bring it to you course by course on actual plates rather than a plastic tray. Then you can sit back in your massage chair and relax or freshen up with your complimentary toiletries bag. You even get a better blanket than economy and the headphones for the bigger television screen are noise cancelling. Upon arrival at Dubai, you don't have kankles from sitting in a chair for 9 hours and you get fast tracked through immigration.

To top off a great flight, I just managed to reach my silver status on the frequent flyer reward program so I am currently sitting in the Emirates lounge, eating breakfast after a refreshing hot shower.

What is the downside to this??? Well, I am currently waiting for my next flight to Munich, where I have to go back to cattle class and lose all of the luxuries of business class. I don't think I can do it.

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