Thursday, April 21, 2011


I have managed to go for 29 years of my life without seeing snow. Coming from Queensland and going to a school that did not embrace the annual ‘ski trip’, meant I had very few opportunities to even get close to snow. Family holidays were always had at the beach or in national parks so the closest thing I have seen to snow is the ice you scrape off the sides of your freezer when you have not defrosted it for three years and you are sure there is an Icey-pole buried in the back somewhere.

Today saw us arrive at O2 Resort in Taebaek, for stage 7 of the Tour of Korea. O2 Resort is a multi-season resort that has amazing ski fields in Winter and an international golf course and leisure park in Summer. We arrived at the end of the skiing season, just as things are becoming greener for the warmer months. In previous editions of the Tour of Korea, there have been bouts of snow in this area so I was hoping that I may get a chance to witness this. (This is only due to the fact that my crash means I don’t have to ride in it, otherwise I would be praying for the exact opposite!)

On the slopes of the ski fields, I was able to see the remnants of the ski season with left over snow at the top. On television, snow looks so enjoyable. Soft, white, fluffy fun. People frolic in it so care free. I took a stroll to the ski slopes to see what all the fuss is about and what I found was... well... the stuff you scrape off the side of your freezer when you haven’t defrosted it for three years. That, and bitter disappointment.

People have assured me that this is not a true representation of snow but just the dregs that are left over and I need to see fresh snow as it falls from the sky. So, the wait continues.

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