Friday, February 3, 2012


Let's face it, road cyclists are a shallow bunch. They are all about having the best brands and equipment and making sure their socks are just the right height. Note that I use the term 'they' instead of 'we'... That's because I have been ostracized for breaking the norm.

With all the wet weather lately and my lack of vehicle forcing me to commute to work, I decided to attach a mudguard permanantly to my wet weather bike. It means I get to work without the standard mud strip up my back.

Despite its practicality, my mudguard is frowned upon by other road cyclists. It attracts several derogatory remarks and questions as to why I'd ever want to do that to my bike.

After hearing this, I am using my mudguard even more, just to annoy everyone. I am doing bunch rides and training sessions with my mudguard on. When you think about it, everyone should be thanking me. If it wasn't for my mudguard, everyone behind me would be getting a faceful of dirt and water.

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