Thursday, July 2, 2015

Responsible Service

Everyone has thought about it... being able to pour your own beer and get one whenever you want. 

Thanks to Australia's drinking culture and responsible service of alcohol laws, the closest thing you can get is 7-Eleven's Slurpee Bring Your Own Cup Day. Beer taps remain safely behind the bar under the guard of the bartender. 

Not in Spain though!!! In the old town of Girona, near the bottom of the cathedral is a place called 'Doll - Cervesaria Moderna & Restaurant'. Inside there are beer taps all around the restaurant and 3 TV screens above them. 

You get a card and load it up with credit. €5 (AU$7.28) will get you 1L of beer. You place your card on the reader next to the beer tap & your name comes up on the screen with how much beer credit you have remaining. Then simply get yourself a glass and pour to your hearts content. 

Take your card with you and come back whenever you want. Brilliant. 

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