Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Time poor

When I was working full time and trying to train as much as I could, I never really took a step back to take an overall look at my lifestyle. My last 4 weeks at home have been a real eye opener to the hectic and time-poor lifestyle that I used to live and that so many people still do. 

Now that I have the luxury of having a little more time, I can take advantage of all the small things that I never used to be able to do such as starting my ride after the sun has come up. However, watching my wife go about her daily routine has given me a new appreciation for the fact that I am able to. 

My wife works full time so spends around 9hrs per day at her work place. This just happens to be a 30-45min drive away depending on traffic. Sometimes she has a meeting after work or catches up with friends for a coffee so doesn't get home until late. Then she has to do all the usual things like cook dinner, laundry etc etc etc. 

This all makes for a pretty jam packed day so if she wants to go for a run or exercise, she has to do it before she leaves for work. This means that my wife wakes up a 4am to go for a quick run before racing around to organise breakfast and prepare for the day ahead. 

Like most people, my wife cannot leave work where it belongs and is constantly bringing home more jobs and tasks to take up what little time she has. When I think about it, I can't believe that I used to do the same thing. 

Because time is such a precious commodity, even the simplest of things can become a nightmare. How do you fit in receiving a delivery that only comes between 9am-5pm? How do you get to the post office to send something between those same hours? How do you find time to go the the department of transport between 9am-4pm just to change your address? How do you even find time to do the groceries?

Take a step back and take a look at your lifestyle... The way we live is ridiculous!

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