Monday, December 9, 2013

'Off' season

Off season was supposed to be a time to relax at home and take a break from travelling around. It has been far from that. 

After returning home from the US at the beginning if September, I was home for 3 weeks before having to fly to China for the last race of the season. Then, a few days after I returned home, I went to visit my parents after endless reminders about how long it had been since I was last there. 

Another two weeks at home and then I was off to Tasmania to help out at a kids triathlon and visit some friends. I then came home for the weekend  before flying down to Melbourne for the World Diabetes Congress. After a delayed flight on the way home, I got to spend another weekend with my wife at home and now I am currently sitting on a plane on my way to California for the team's pre-season training camp. 

In 10 days time, I will return home for a couple of days to get over the jet lag before heading away for Christmas and New Year's. Then January will start with our 2nd training camp in Spain before kicking  off the racing season in Argentina. 

All routine has gone out the window and it feels like I just go home to do some laundry and refill my suitcase. My ever-patient wife has been calmly waiting to get to spend some time with me and most mornings I need to look around when I wake up just to confirm where I am. The off-season is proving to be almost as tiring as the racing season itself!

One thing is certain... I sure am getting tired of packing and unpacking my bike every few days!

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