Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fan boy

Last week at the Tour of Denmark, we parked the team bus in the teams' area for the start of Stage 1. A few minutes later, the Omega Pharma team bus pulled up next to us. A few more minutes later, hundreds of people surrounded their bus.

They were waiting for a certain someone to step off the bus and that certain someone just happened to be Mark Cavendish. When he did appear, camera flashes went off all around him and people held out paper and pen in order to get an autograph.
Over the last few years, I have watched Cavendish win many races and followed his results in the Tour de France. It was a totally bizarre feeling to be lining up with him on the start line of a race.
I consulted my team mates as to whether it would be appropriate for me to get a photo with him. They assured me that if I did, they would not let me back on the bus. Apparently, it would not be 'cool' to ask someone you are racing with for a photo. Fair call.

The solution to this was simple. If I ride next to him during the race, then perhaps I will get snapped in a photo and find it somewhere on the Internet. Then I would have an action shot with Cavendish and not have to look like a fanboy asking for a picture.
I am yet to find this picture. I have a feeling that it doesn't exist. I missed my opportunity.
Next week, I start the Tour of Colorado along side Tour winner Chris Froome and other guys that I have watched race on TV. One guy that will be there is a guy that everyone back home looks up to... Jens Voight. During the race, look out for him. Then look for me. I want a photo with Jensie.

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