Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Token Aussies

A lot of people don't get Aussie humour. We make fun of absolutely everything including each other. (Unfortunately) it's part of Aussie culture. Some people mistake it for being loud and rude. Some people mistake it for being negative or too opinionated. Some people think we are a bit uncouth.

On Team Novo Nordisk there are 3 Aussies and a Kiwi. At races and training camps we stand out. We are normally the ones laughing at a stupid joke and generally having a 'good time'. Although he is a sworn enemy, the Kiwi also gets our humour and is a regular and willing participant in the fun and games.

We have tried to involve others in our banter but it is usually met with a blank stare or looks of confusion. Except for one guy.

Joonas, or Jonno as we refer to him, is from Finland but you would hardly believe it. He speaks English perfectly and thanks to the internet and countless hours in front of the television, he is up to speed when it comes to our jokes and lingo. He gets the Aussie humour and even surprises us when he breaks out his own original material.

Jonno is the Team's Aussie recruit. We are still looking for some vegemite and a meat pie to make things official but he has signed up.

With Jonno on board, that makes 5 token Aussies on the team, by far the biggest group. We are working on turning the others but it is going to be an uphill battle. We have gotten as far as 'Aussie-fying' their names but they don't respond when we use them. Except for Jonno.

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