Friday, December 14, 2012

Drug camp

At home, I don't really know any other diabetics and last year I was the only diabetic on the team I rode for. As a result, I didn't really want to advertise the fact or make it obvious that I was the guy that had to shoot up at every meal.

At group dinners or outings I would leave the table to take my insulin or wait for everyone to be distracted before 'shooting up' under the table. If anyone did see me, they would have probably thought that I was a sneaky drug addict!!

Here on Team Novo Nordisk, everyone is a diabetic and there is no need to hide it. There are insulin pens laying around everywhere and I can shoot up freely. You can be mid-conversation with someone as they pull out a needle and stab it into their stomach then continue on with the chat.

I imagine this is what a methadone clinic is like, but a lot classier.

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